Saturday, October 23, 2021
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KUCI: More Than Music and Appliances

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There are few instances where one might witness a clothes dryer parading down Ring Road. But thanks to KUCI, UCI’s student radio station, during Welcome Week students will have an opportunity to witness the infamous Dryerton 2000, a makeshift deejay stand that proves to be as aesthetically captivating as it is convenient, as parades down Ring Road.
‘I came up with the dryer concept to make it easier for equipment to be set up and torn down,’ said Mike Boyle, general manager at KUCI. ‘This thing has exploded and it caught me completely off-guard. I don’t get it, it’s just a dryer. Why are people freaking out? It’s just a dryer! I think this thing was meant to be.’
Those familiar with KUCI knows that there is much more to KUCI than a fancy dryer. Founded in 1969, KUCI currently broadcasts at 88.9 FM and can be consistently heard in Orange County cities including Irvine, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and occasionally as far as Fullerton and Diamond Bar.
KUCI originally formed as a self-proclaimed pirate radio station, tired of homogenous commercial radio. To this day, the station refuses to broadcast mainstream music and encourages expression of all opinions during its talk shows.
‘It’s very diverse programming,’ Boyle said. ‘You discover so many genres that no one ever thought existed. Genres get created here. It’s the power of music