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Limbeck Honks and Waves From Orange County

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‘We joined together both of our south and north Orange County forces to combine one county,’ said Patrick Carrie, guitarist and back-up vocalist for Limbeck.
As residents of Orange County, Limbeck formed several years ago during the high school days of Carrie, lead vocalist/guitarist Robb MacLean, bassist Justin Entsminger and drummer Matt Stephens. MacLean and Carrie attended the same high school while Stephens and Entsminger went to high school together in Tustin. MacLean and Stephens worked together, thereby linking the two duos and eventually resulting in the formation of Limbeck.
Limbeck’s sophomore record, ‘Hi Everything’s Great,’ released June 17, is similar to the pictures MacLean loves to take: it is effectively a snapshot of four friends driving across the country. In fact, the album is a soundtrack accounting for the memories and experiences that photographs may fail to convey.
‘A running misconception is that the record is about one road trip that we went on and wrote all the songs about it, which is not the truth,’ MacLean said. ‘A lot of the songs aren’t about driving, but they sound like it though.’
‘They’re about enjoying the situation while you’re driving,’ Carrie added.
‘Hi Everything’s Great’ is somewhat of a contrast from both the band’s previous albums: ‘This Chapter is Called Titles’ released in 2001 and their joint EP record with Homegrown released in 2000 entitled ‘Connection.’ Their new album is evidence of the band’s growth on both personal and musical levels.
This personal growth is shown through a level of lyrical honesty that is typically unparalleled by the average band. Based on actual facts, experiences, events and people (names have not been changed to protect the innocent), the tracks of ‘Hi Everything’s Great’ puts the listener in the back of their van and treats them as one of the band. For instance, ‘Comin’ from Tucson’ details life on the road, having to drive all night from one show to the next with band mates sleeping in the back. MacLean explains how he’d like to just drive by if he saw his ex-girlfriend while driving through her state in ‘Honk + Wave.’
‘I think we all feel a lot more confident in the songs and in playing the songs,’ Carrie said.
‘I know we like the new songs so much that you’ll probably never hear any of those old songs again,’ Stephens said.
Musically, Limbeck features lap steel guitar, banjo and even cowbell on some tracks.
‘It’s the truth