UCI’s Very Own Asian Boy Band

When you are young, you never think of the outcome of the time you spend having fun with your friends. You always hope that it’s not a complete waste of time but usually get so caught up that you really don’t care. Every so often, a group of friends spends so much time ‘just chilling’ that they come up with a marketable idea. Along with a few of their childhood friends, second-year undeclared students Alex Wong and James Yang began to parody popular music videos a few years ago. They referred to themselves as ‘C-Town.’ Never expecting anything to become of their group, C-Town now has a UCI Film Festival award under their belt and one of the most popular web sites on campus. The New U. recently sat down with the UCI members of C-Town to talk about their beginnings and what drives them to work so hard.

New University.: How did C-Town get started?

James Yang: We basically started in our senior year of high school, within our little group of friends.

Alex Wong: We had to make a Spanish video for class. Our classmates ended up thinking ours was really funny, so we made a movie just for fun and when they also liked that, we just moved on to music videos.
New U.: How do you feel about the fact that your website has become so popular within the UCI community?
Yang: I think it’s great. This past year, Alex has done a lot to spread the word about us. The first question he asks many people is, Have you heard of C-Town?

Wong: To me, it’s very humbling that people enjoy our videos and visit our web site frequently. It’s a good feeling to be stopped on campus by someone who’s seen a video. People’s reactions definitely influence me in how to make the next one, and we always try to push the limits as far as originality and creativity take us.

New U.: Can you tell us a little bit about the work put into your newest video, ‘The Scientist?’

Wong: ‘The Scientist’ just seemed like the right video to parody, it’s just so creative and we really wanted to tackle it. The most challenging part was to learn the song backwards. I reversed the song completely, then memorized it backwards. It was like a different language! We had to film at daylight and daybreak to get the specific lighting we wanted. Also, in this video, we relied less on humor and more on effective storytelling, which is very different from our previous videos.
Yang: Since the concept of this video was in reverse, we had to re-shoot a lot of scenes, making sure that the audience would understand what we were trying to do. This video definitely demonstrates the maturing of our work, but I know we still have a lot more maturing to do.
Wong: A lot of the scenes foreshadow what’s to come, this is to keep the audience interested in the very end. Going back to our ‘maturing,’ if you watch all our videos in order, you can definitely see a growth in our video making.

Visit C-Town’s site at www.tr-online.net/c-town.