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Rowland Fulfills Her Acting and Singing Destiny

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In the course of Kelly Rowland’s 22 years, she has experienced more than most people experience in a lifetime. From Grammy awards to multi-platinum records, it’s fair to say she has made her mark in the entertainment industry. Most people hoping to make a career in music have not been able to achieve this dream.
In addition to being a part of the best-selling female trio Destiny’s Child, Rowland released her debut solo album ‘Simply Deep’ in October 2002. ‘Simply Deep’ featured the number one hit song ‘Dilemma,’ a duet with rap phenomenon Nelly.
While the members of Destiny’s Child are currently pursuing individual interests, the trio is planning to record a new album at the end of the year. Rowland believes this time off will make Destiny’s Child an even stronger group than they were before.
Rowland’s interest in music formed at a young age, when she remembers listening to Whitney Houston.
‘I loved Whitney,’ Rowland said. ‘I wanted to be just like her. My top three favorite artists were Whitney, Celine [Dion] and Janet [Jackson].’
While she currently has no music projects, Rowland’s acting career is taking shape. She began acting with a role on the TV series ‘The Hugleys’ and could be seen recently in her first feature-length film, ‘Freddy Vs. Jason,’ which was released on Aug. 15.
The premise for ‘Freddy Vs. Jason’ is the confrontation between two horror movie icons from the 1980s