Tough as nails, solid as a Rock

Many women will spend the majority of their lives searching for the perfect man. In most cases the ideal characteristics include tall, strong and handsome. A deep voice, sensitive wit and charismatic charm would draw people to him like a magnet. Most women will never find this arguably mythological man and are thus forced to come to the conclusion that the perfect man does not exist. However, the Sept. 26 release of ‘The Rundown’ showcased Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and therefore begs to differ.
The Rock was on hand at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills to discuss acting, his wrestling roots and family. Adorned in a button-down shirt that exposed his undeniably defined form and the new Samoan-inspired tattoo on his shoulder, his presence was overpowering.
The Rock’s new film ‘The Rundown’ opened in theaters on Sept. 26. He was thrilled for the chance to do something entirely different from anything he has done before and couldn’t stop talking about the benefits.
‘Number one, I didn’t have to wear a loincloth, I got to wear a hot suit,’ The Rock said. ‘Number two, it’s just a contemporary role that would challenge me more than the ‘Scorpion King’ did. I was able to show a little bit of comedic depth. The story was good too and [so was] getting the chance to work with [director] Peter [Berg], who’s ultra-passionate about what he does.’
During the filming of ‘The Rundown,’ an amusing chemistry between The Rock and co-star Sean William Scott developed into friendship.
‘Sean was fantastic,’ The Rock said. ‘I wanted him to know how serious I was about this. I wanted to create something that was really special. So we got together a few months in advance of filming, we traveled, we hung out, and out of this whole thing we’re friends.’
The seven-time World Wrestling Entertainment champion first gained his mass following by creating a dynamic and new type of character in the wrestling world. The Rock knew how to warm up crowds the way no one else in the past had been able to and soon became dubbed ‘The People’s Champion.’ Nowadays, he looks back on those times fondly but also feels that there isn’t much opportunity left for him in the WWE.
‘In wrestling I’ve accomplished what I’ve been able to accomplish and there’s not much left in wrestling for me, other than just going back and getting that live energy, which I love,’ The Rock said.
The Rock recently finished filming ‘Walking Tall,’ a crime drama in which he plays a county sheriff. The Rock’s role required more dramatic acting than his previous roles have. Regardless, there are still ample action sequences present in ‘Walking Tall.’
He is currently in negotiations to appear in a sequel to ‘Get Shorty.’ A part in this film would help to separate The Rock from the action hero label he has come to acquire.
Despite the exciting, high-profile life he has grown accustomed to, The Rock maintains a softer side to his tough drop-kicking, pile-driving exterior. He and his wife of several years, Dana, have a home in a small Florida town where they are raising their two-year-old daughter. It is his goal to raise her in the best way possible, and he also wishes for her to really understand what he does for a living. Since she is still young, there isn’t much that he can do.
‘The only thing I’ve been able to show her are the movie trailers,’ The Rock said. ‘She has a short attention span like her daddy. She hasn’t seen my wrestling but she plays with my dolls.’
The Rock wants to challenge himself to the maximum on any and every level. He worked with acting coaches on his comedic timing for ‘The Rundown’ and also attempted to perform many of his own stunts, which is something that the movie studios frown upon. No matter what the feat, he makes sure that he always gives it a second thought.
‘I try to be smart about the next step and making sure that the next step is a smart one,’ The Rock said.
Despite the caution, don’t doubt the courage of this charming man who is being called the next great action hero and prot