Sunday, April 18, 2021
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A Little Californian Rebellion: Davis Needs to be Ousted

‘I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical,’ thus Thomas Jefferson wrote to James Madison about Shay’s Rebellion, the event that influenced the need for a new constitution.
California would be so lucky to have such an outcome, as it faces an unprecedented gubernatorial recall election on Oct. 7.
What began as an unlikely eventmanaged to gain momentum with the aid of talk radio and funding from Congressman Darrell Issa.
Some have referred to the recall election as ‘democracy run amuck’ or ‘bad government.’
They are afraid it is going to create a bad precedent and will result in a future of perpetual gubernatorial recalls for California, and may even infect other states in the union. Something has motivated over 2 million Californians to sign petitions to recall Governor Gray Davis, what is it? Governor Davis was just re-elected last November when he defeated gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon by 5 percent.
Following the election, the governor began to release information about the state budget, which he withheld during his campaign. This information was the beginning of his downfall. The state budget deficit had reached approximately $38 billion. This has resulted in major budget cuts, to which the University of California has fell victim. Some might say the budget shortfalls are out of his control. They say it is not just the California economy that has taken a hit, but the entire nation.
You can’t blame Gray Davis; George W. Bush wouldn’t bail us out last summer during the painstaking rolling blackouts. Besides, not just Governor Davis is responsible