‘Chicken and Beer’

‘Chicken and Beer’ will be the music industry’s third helping of Ludacris’ Southern hospitality.
‘Back for the First Time,’ released in 2000 and ‘Word of Mouf,’ released in 2001 had record sales of $3.5 and $4 million respectively. ‘Chicken and Beer’ is Ludacris’ third and highly antcipiated follow-up Def Jam record. Scheduled to be released Sept. 30, ‘Chicken and Beer’ will be in stores Oct. 7.
There is heightened pressure on the album to do well due to the widespread popularity of his previous hit singles, ‘Southern Hospitality,’ ‘Area Codes’ and ‘Rollout.’ ‘Stand Up,’ the first single off ‘Chicken and Beer,’ has already been leaked to radio stations and appears to be doing well in terms of both popularity and air-play.
To give a feel for Ludacris’ imagination, the music video for ‘Stand Up’ is a nightclub hallucination in which an iced-out midget dances from Ludacris’ neck. In this world, a kiss from Ludacris transforms a skinny model into a thick Southern belle.
‘Chicken and Beer,’ named for Ludacris’ favorite food and drink, maintains the original Ludacris flavor while demonstrating Ludacris’ versatility.
‘Practice makes perfect,’ Ludacris said. ‘As time goes on I just feel like [the music] gets better and better. More versatility is just another chapter of my life. I’m just trying to show more