Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Lecture Calls for Military Action

The executive director of Irvine’s very own Ayn Rand Institute spoke at UCI’s Crystal Cove Auditorium on Oct. 7 in a two-hour lecture event entitled ‘Why We Are Losing the War.’
Dr. Yaron Brook, who was invited on campus by the UCI Ayn Rand Society, started with the question, ‘how should America view the threat of terrorism, and how have we been doing so far in this war against terrorism?’
According to Brook, the enemy is not terrorism, but rather the individuals who choose to use terrorism against America.
Brook believes that in order to ‘win the war,’ we must determine why terrorists attacked America, why they hate America, who hates America, and how we, as Americans, should respond to the attacks.
‘I do not believe the enemy is terrorism. Terrorism is the use of force against civilians in order to cause terror, usually to achieve a political aim,’ Brook said.’ ‘Terrorism is a tactic, not a political movement or an ideology. It is not an enemy.’
‘Those who use terrorism against us are the enemy,’ Brook added.
Brook further stated that the followers of ‘militant Islam,’ with its deep hatred of America, was behind the Sept. 11 attacks and should be regarded as the true enemy.
Brook believes that an inherent value of Islam is domination of all other religious beliefs. Islam alsomandates government by combining political arenas with religious ones.
‘They seek the denomination of Islam over the entire world. When they denounce America as the great Satan, they mean it literally,’ Brook said. ‘They see destroying us as an act of justice. Our very existence is a moral affront to their beliefs.’
Brook believes America’s response to militant Islam has been far too compassionate and America should be fighting back.
‘Despite ever more bloody terrorists’ suicide bombings and murders, we have backed down, appeased the terrorists