Sunday, April 18, 2021
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The bake sale was a rather childish act on the part of the College Republicans. The message could have been conveyed a different way, I believe they were aware of the controversy they were going to cause. It’s like burning a cross and wearing white pillow sheets on your head just to show people that it’s bad.
Second of all, Affirmative Action was meant to get rid of discrimination in the workplace, not to increase it. If Affirmative Action was to be erased, it would only boost the white male’s chance of getting a job by 1.5 percent. The reason it’s there is so that if two people come in for a job interview, one being white and the other being black or Hispanic, the employer will have to treat these two prospective employees equally. They act like people will just hire anybody off the street just because they’re a minority. Also, there is no explicit evidence that states that more qualified whites are being passed over in the workplace. This type of condescending allegation is what makes Affirmative Action so needed.
What makes a white man think just because a minority got hired instead of him, the minority was less qualified? And you cannot use schools as an argument either, because if I’m correct, the black population at almost every UC is between 2 to 3 percent. But I’ll stop here now because this is one of those issues where you can’t really come to a conclusion. It all boils down to how many more people vote for yes or no. But yeah