Friday, March 5, 2021
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‘Shipwreck 2003’ Scares the ‘Ship’ Out of Guests

For the many who remain oblivious to the huge 1,019-foot ship docked in the Port of Long Beach, it’s time to start paying attention. The Queen Mary, completed in 1935 and sold to Long Beach in 1967, is not just some stuffy historic monument. While it is Long Beach’s claim to historical fame, it is also the site of Shipwreck, the Queen Mary’s Halloween Terror Fest.
The main attractions for Shipwreck 2003 are its multitude of mazes, reminiscent of the more familiar Halloween affair Knott’s Scary Farm. Costumed monsters scatter to scare unsuspecting victims, and upon entering mazes like the ‘Haunted Hull of Horrors,’ guests can expect the fright of their lives.
A big motivation for holding such a scary event on the Queen Mary is the rumor claiming that the ship is haunted. Since the Queen Mary’s maiden voyage in 1936, crew, guests and psychics have all reported paranormal activity.
Guests will have the opportunity to explore the supposedly haunted hallways and corridors as part of Shipwreck.
‘The Queen Mary is rumored to be haunted. We’ve had visiting psychics, guests and employees who have had haunted sightings, whether it be an apparition, wet footprints, voices