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Fair Provides Opportunities for Local Youth

Opportunity will knock on the doors of many eager UCI students Oct. 25 as the City of Irvine Youth Employment Services and the State of California Employment Development hosts their annual youth job fair. Employers’ main focuses are on 16 to 25 year-olds and all are ready to hire.
Karen Springer, program specialist for the city of Irvine, has been promoting Irvine job fairs for over 10 years.
‘The job fairs continue to grow because people tell other people about the event,’ Springer said.
Irene Chui, UCI alumna and employment coordinator for this year’s event hopes for a turn-out of enthusiastic young job-seekers.
‘It’s a free event for anyone who wants to work,’ Chui said.
The goal of the job fair is to make the job search a little easier for youths.
While the event is geared toward 16 to 25 year-olds, this year’s job fair is going to be set up differently than previous fairs.
Twenty employers will be present at the fair, 11 of whom are only seeking applicants who are only 18 and older.
‘We are expecting about 500 applicants. This [process] will cut down and minimize the lines,’ said Springer.
Attire for the job fair is professional. Jeans and tennis shoes are not permitted.
‘We encourage [the applicants] to dress professionally,’ Chui said. ‘For woman, casual and light colors. Neutral colors are always good. Not too much make up or jewelry with the hair nicely combed.’
Professional attire for the men is preferred as well.
‘A buttoned-up shirt with a tie would be good,’ said Puja Jatwani, another employment coordinator for Irvine Youth Employment Services.
Experience and/or volunteer work is preferred but not required. Some of the employers that will be on site at the fair are UPS, MBNA Marketing Solutions Inc., the Gallup Organization, Restoration Hardware, South Coast Plaza, Diedrich Coffee and other employers who are seeking entry level or part-time employees.
Most employers are located in the Irvine and Tustin areas.
‘We are seeking jobs that are going to excite the students who will also be successful in that job. We want to keep a balance so that the employer and the student will both be successful,’ Springer said.
Chances of receiving a job offer are high as a result of attending the job fair.
‘We specifically seek out employers [where 16 to 25 year olds] are their target age group,’ Springer said.
‘Ten hires per employer is one of the prerequisites for being part of the job fair. People come into the job fair with specific needs and we accommodate those needs to them,’ Springer said.
Employers are aware that these applicants are young adults. With that in mind, the employers know what these applicants are capable of doing and are prepared for makmass hiring.
‘This job fair is different from others because you are guaranteed an interview. There is a possibility to even interview with four or five different employers,’ Jatwani said.
A high attendance rate of college students is expected.
‘I’m going to the job fair because it should be very helpful. On-site interviews will save me time,’ said Judy Lee, a second- year Asian-American studies major.
The event will take place on Oct. 25 from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

For more information about the Irvine Job Fair, visit their site at IrvineYouthEmployment.com