Prop 54 Coverage Muscled out by Recall

On Oct. 8th, 2003, former California governor Gray Davis was recalled. Installed in his place is former actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Much under the glorious sword fight for governor, the ballot had also contained two propositions. One of them held in its outcome a mind-numbingly-complex effect regarding everything from the future of a color-blind society to medical research affecting those of a specific race.
The media had chosen its side: what was better than the Terminator himself vying to clean the mess that is California? It left Prop 54 and all its affects to the dust. Yes, it did receive the occasional nightly news cameo as activists for or against rallied in numbers. Yet, for all the effects the decisions carried with it, Prop 54 did not get the coverage it deserved.
Prop 54 was proposed to ban the collection of race-related statistical information on all public documents