JamisonParker: Born in Summer 2003 Here in OC

Of all the upcoming musical groups to watch, JamisonParker is on the list and is from right here in Orange County.
JamisonParker has recently boasted the sixth most downloaded song on mp3.com. The single, ‘Home,’ the first single off their new EP ‘Notes and Photographs,’ which will be released in stores Oct. 28.
In the beginning, JamisonParker began as an acoustic duet between vocalist/guitarist Jamison Covington and vocalist/guitarist Parker Case.
‘Before we were going to start touring, we decided we wanted a full band,’ Covington said.
As a result, bassist/backup vocalist Ted Vega and drummer Jarrod Alexander were added to the group.
But back to the beginnings of the band, not too long ago during the summer of 2003.
‘Parker and I were introduced by mutual friends,’ Covington said. ‘I was a fan of a band that he had been in and he was looking for a new project to get into and he had got ahold of a few of my demos. We just started to hang out and started talking and it took off from there.’
It was at the Skate and Surf Festival that JamisonParker would get the attention of Interscope Records. Actually, the head promoter of Skate and Surf band had heard about JamisonParker’s acoustic set at the absolutepunk.net merchandise table. Because another band canceled, the promoters had to scramble to fill the stage and offered the opportunity to JamisonParker.
Vega and Alexander were friends of Case’s and were added to give the band a fuller sound.
‘I was in previous bands with Parker and he had told me that he was working with Jamison and that they were writing songs together and that they needed a bass player,’ Vega said. ‘So I said, ‘Ok, I’ll play bass.”
‘Park and I were little kids