Substantial Facts Screaming ‘Free Kobe!’

Ever since the Kobe Bryant rape case broke in July, I have paid scrupulous attention to all the details surrounding the saga.
One point that continues to stick out in my mind is a comment that Kobe’s lawyer, Hal Haddon, made during Kobe’s initial press conference. After a reporter asked Haddon if the prosecutors and police department of Eagle County were ‘looking to bag a big fish’ with Kobe, Haddon aptly responded, ‘Looking to bag a big fish? I believe they’ve already got one.’
The entire Kobe rape case seemed sketchy to me from the beginning. I found it odd when Eagle County’s Sheriff Hoy decided to green-light Kobe’s arrest before the District Attorney had a chance to sign off on the warrant (this doesn’t usually happen). And I also found it strange when I began reading media reports that Hoy knew the alleged victim through D.A.R.E. classes.
But I could go on and on about how much these legal proceedings recall the case against Tom Robinson in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ and I could talk forever about how much I think Kobe is innocent, but in the end, I haven’t looked at the police files, so I cannot qualify myself as an expert. So instead of trying to convince you to side with the defense, I’m going to simply lay out the hard facts that have become public throughout Kobe’s preliminary hearing.
1. During the accuser’s initial interview with Eagle County’s detectives, she admitted that she never directly said the word ‘no’ to Kobe. Moreover, in her primary interview, the accuser said that when she physically motioned for Kobe to stop, he did. In subsequent interviews, the woman changed her story and claimed that she said no ‘several times.’
2. During the alleged victim’s first interview, she said that she had gone willingly to Bryant’s room. She also made her way to Bryant’s room in a surreptitious fashion