Ask Eve 6 members singer/bassist Max Collins, drummer Tony Fagenson and guitarist Jon Siebels to list the components of a rock band and they would probably say nudity, alcohol, debauchery and music.
After a three-year hiatus since their last album, in July of 2003 Eve 6 released their third album, ‘It’s All in Your Head’ on RCA Records. ‘Think Twice’ is the first single off the album and it’s music video has had frequent MTV play.
‘We’re really proud of [‘It’s All in Your Head’] because it was our journey from boyhood to manhood a little bit,’ Fagenson said. ‘We grew up a little on this record and shed our skins but toughened our armor at the same time. We did it how we wanted to do it and so we’re really proud of the whole thing. ‘Think Twice’