10 (or three) Easy Parking Solutions for UCI

Today we discuss 10 Easy Parking Solutions for UCI.
If there’s one thing that unites all Anteaters, it’s the assurance that not a single one of us will ever be able to find parking in the same global hemisphere as our classes.
But I am definitely not going to claim that there is a real parking problem at UCI. That would just be bonkers.
I know because I occasionally arrive at the Social Sciences Parking Structure at 11 a.m., roughly the time at which the structure becomes so solidly packed with Hondas that it could withstand impacts from nuclear-tipped asteroids.
Admittedly, such a late arrival hinders my search for parking, but I am resourceful. I simply poke around for a while, and if I persist, I eventually come upon a surprisingly convenient parking space located in my own driveway.
Indeed, a midday nap at home can be quite refreshing.
But what of the unmentionable desire to leave your car on campus and