Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Comprehensive Review Evaluates More Than SATs

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Chair of UC Regents John Moores recently claimed that students with SAT scores below 1,000 ‘don’t have any business’ attending University of California schools. This comment prompted a review of the admissions practice or comprehensive review.
‘Comprehensive review was actually approved by UC Regents and set in place by the faculty committee on the board,’ explained Marguerite Bonous-Hamarth, director of admissions at UCI. ‘A regent has every right to expect a review of the comprehensive review process and how we admit students across the system. We’ve actually had two in-depth [reviews] and the academic prep of students has been higher than it’s ever been and it has allowed for access to the University of California, which are the two most important measures.’
Vice Chancellor Manuel Gomez cited the process of comprehensive admissions as the closest thing that the UC system has to the kind of admissions guidelines that top-ranked universities utilize.
‘Its main advantage is that we can look at each student as an individual, taking into consideration the multitude of factors that make a student successful at college,’ Gomez said.
Gomez elaborated on the benefits of the comprehensive admissions process as a benefactor to the dynamic of the campus as well.
‘We can take into account particular characteristics of students that would benefit and enrich the campus: geographical, cultural, athletic, musical