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Independent Artists Galore in ‘Paste Magazine’

I resolved to remove Jason Mraz from my CD player for only a moment in order to test drive the music sampler that came with the October/November 2003 issue of Paste Magazine.
To my surprise and delight, I ended up listening to the sampler the whole way through, from Rufus Wainwright to June Carter Cash, and as I simultaneously flipped through Paste’s publication, I suddenly recognized the parallel between the music from my stereo and the stories and features on the pages in front of me.
Paste Magazine was spawned in late 2002 by Paste Music/Paste Records, a company that produces studio CD releases of independent artists, boasts an online radio station overflowing with independent music and flaunts the idea of going ‘beyond pop culture.’
Paste is only an infant of a magazine; October/November 2003 is only its sixth issue. It was formed on the clever premise of releasing a CD with each and every issue, and this 20-something song compilation reflects Paste’s articles.
In spite of Paste’s cool name