Hey Jessica, is it Chicken or Tuna?

Maybe beauty and brains are just an idealistic dream that was never meant to be. In the instance of Jessica Simpson, a combination of beauty and brains is like oil and water.
The blonde bombshell has exploded throughout television screens and can be seen in music videos and her own TV show with her fellow pop star husband of 98 Degrees fame. Her beauty and lack of brains often lead to ridiculous results.
What I question is her status within our society. Is this the kind of girl that other girls should see on TV? Should a good voice alone, despite a lack of common sense be enough to broadcast a dumb blonde all over television screens?
I’m not saying she hasn’t worked hard in recording studios to launch her career, but this woman has her own show, lives in a million-dollar house and yet doesn’t know the plural word for mouse.
I don’t see why a woman who thinks chicken of the sea is actually chicken or thinks buffalo wings are actually made of buffalo should be given her own TV show.
Admittedly, I watch her show, ditzy remarks and all. I’m just waiting to see what moronic move she’s going to make next.
If I’m tall, beautiful, blonde, can carry a tune and have a great body, would I be given my own show? I hope not.
What is it about being beautiful and dumb that makes Jessica worthy of all her fame? Apparently, not knowing that buffalo wings really aren’t made of buffalo doesn’t matter. As long as you’ve got big breasts and a tiny waist, right?
And Nick Lachey’s role in the situation doesn’t help. Here he is, a handsome, successful and famous heartthrob with a woman who is beautiful, but not smart. No wonder girls are starving themselves or playing dumb. They see someone like Jessica Simpson with a handsome husband and everything she wants in the world, so what are they supposed to think? Jessica is definitely not a role model, and definitely should not be idolized and capitalized upon to the extent that she has been. Unless of course you want your young daughters to end up like her.
What is truly sad is that young women everywhere have to see everything they strive to be opposite of broadcast as someone who is worthy of the attention.
If a beautiful and voluptuous dumb blonde can reach great heights in our society, then there is definitely something wrong.
Why do we still idolize the barbie doll image? I thought this idea went out with the ‘domesticate all women’ mentality. If Simpson can make millions of dollars by being nothing but a Barbie who sings, what has the world come to?
Whatever happened to those career women who don’t use their sexuality to get ahead in the world or play dumb to boost a man’s ego? Or even a woman who knows how to clean up after herself or has the common sense to look at a price tag before buying hundreds of dollars worth of lingerie? Instead of idolizing an intelligent and independent woman, society has taken a step back and started idolizing the ditzy Barbie doll.
What I would rather see on TV, and what young girls can actually look up to is the kind of woman who at least knows the difference between chicken and tuna and has deservingly earned her fame and fortune.

Jill Salaver is a second-year unaffiliated biological sciences major.