Off the Rack: Cold Winter

Allan Laino

Why did you choose this outfit?
I woke up this morning and I put on a T-shirt and some jeans to match.

What’s with the hair?
I decided to grow it out to get corn rows and it kept growing.

Do you usually go for comfort or style?
I usually try to go somewhere in between, like a compromise. But more on the comfort side.

Do you own a Christmas sweater or would you wear one?
I don’t own one, but my mom would buy me one.
May Lee
international studies
Why’d you choose this outfit?
I just recently bought this skirt, and I really wanted to wear it.

Comfort or style?
Umm … Probably comfort.

Where do you usually shop?
Places like Abercrombie, American Eagle, Express and Macy’s.

Do you own a Christmas sweater or would you wear one?
You mean those sweaters with the big trees on them? No.
Richard Suh

Why’d you choose this outfit.
I enjoy hip-hop, so I dress more on the baggy side.

Do you have a lot of hats to coordinate with your shirts?
Actually, I do have a lot of hats to go with my outfits. This hat actually goes with this shirt, so that’s why I wore it.

Where do you shop?
Places like Mr. Rag, Metropolis and Urban Outfitters.

Do you own or would you wear a Christmas sweater?
I don’t own one right now, but if it’s the right occasion, I might.
Caroline Stone
musical theater

Why are you wearing this?
Because I’m on my way to dance. We have to wear a leotard and tights.

So would you say you dress more for function than trend?
Yeah, I don’t usually walk around in a leotard and tights for the heck of it!

Do you own holiday-themed clothing or would you wear it?
No I don’t, but I might wear it, depending on what it was.

Where do you shop?
I like this store called Anthropologie at Fashion Island.
Elysse Espiritu
biological sciences

Why did you match the white scarf with the bright jacket?
It makes it stand out. I was trying to keep warm on the way to class.

Which would you pick: scarf or gloves?
If I had to pick one, it would be the scarf.

Has the scarf changed your life?
Not recently, but I’ll let you know if anything changes.

Where do you usually shop?
Hollister, Nordstrom, especially Nordstrom Rack.