Don’t Let it Get to You

Remember back in September during first week when you first stepped onto Ring Road sporting that glowing tan that you lovingly worked on all summer at the beach? Remember that vow you made silently to yourself while you walked along with your fresh new notebooks and your never-been-used ballpoint pens? Yes, you know what I’m talking about.
We all tell ourselves in the first week that this will be the year, the quarter that we finally achieve the mother of all goals. Yes that’s right: Straight A’s. Or at least half A’s and half B’s. Or at least one A?
While there does exist a small percentage of students who actually achieve this goal quarter after quarter (bless their little curve-wrecking souls), for most of us by 10th week straight A’s, or half A’s or even one A is nothing but a far-off and long-forgotten dream. For it is in 10thweek that you stay up until all hours of the night writing a term paper for that class you never went to. By the time you do stumble onto campus in your PJ’s and flip-flops, all you’ve had to eat is half a bag of Cheetos and you’re so tired you almost run over a pedestrian in front of the Social Sciences Parking Structure.
Or maybe you’re one of those students who actually go to class. If this is the case then you are presumably a good student and therefore are in the middle of taking GMATs, MCATs, or LSATs so you can apply for graduate, medical or law school. So, combine finals, term papers, graduate school applications and standardized testing and what do you get? Stress and lots of it.

Chances are