Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Being an International Student
I would like to make some commentary on the article ‘Presumed Guilty: Being an International Student.’ (Nov. 24)
For one, the author keeps bringing up the civil rights, but keeps forgetting one thing, those rights only pertain to citizens, not ‘people.’
A person does not have freedom of speech, a citizen does.
Number two, the author complains about how international students pay more for tuition.
If he actually researched this he would find that it’s not only international students that pay this jacked up price but it’s students from other states as well.
I am not condoning the fact that people treated the author as though he was guilty, I just think he should get his facts straight before he publicizes this.
Maybe he should actually be happy that he got accepted here in the first place because a lot of people, I am sure, are wishing they were him right now.

Ariana Pinnell
Democratic Downfall Starts in the South
I’m confused.
Is the editorial ‘Democratic Downfall Starts in the South’ (Nov. 17) maintaining that to be more ‘viable,’ Democrats should erode the very distinctions that separate them from the Republicans as a political party in an effort to be competitive?
Should we just have one national party?
I think the closer Republicans and Democrats get to each other, the fewer policy debates will occur across the country.
Though that, we will begin to regard our Democracy as something more of a single consciousness rather than a forum for thought and debate.

Steven Guess
Economics and History