Lit Working On a New Album and Restaurant

Everybody knows the band Lit, or at least they do and they just don’t know it. Remember the song ‘My Own Worst Enemy?’ That’s the son where Lit vocalist A. Jay Popoff sings to his girlfriend, ‘Can we forget about the things I said when I was drunk? I didn’t mean to call you that.’
Regardless, Lit has been busy this past year, parting ways with their old record label RCA, working on a new album and revamping their band’s Web site,, to accommodate their new music download service. The band has been playing together since meeting in high school and are still going strong.
Guitarist Jeremy Popoff and lead vocalist A. Jay Popoff grew up as huge music fans. Their love for music may be partially attributed to the fact that their father is a radio disc jockey. Jeremy has always been passionate about music, however, the guitar was not his first love.
‘I had a family friend that gave me like a hand-me-down, piece-of-shit electric guitar,’ Jeremy said. ‘It kind of sat in my room for a couple years. I was more into BMX when I was a kid. I played music, I played the organ and some other stuff when I was growing up. I was always into music, but when I was in fourth, fifth and sixth grade, all I really cared about was BMX and riding my bike and then my bike got stolen at an arcade. I was playing like, Tron or something, and somebody stole my bike, so I started playing guitar after that ’cause I didn’t have anything else to do.’
When the Popoff brothers met Kevin Baldes and Allen Shellenberger in high school, the four decided to start a band.
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