New EP and CD Releases

The Starting Line
Make Yourself At Home
Drive-Thru Records

‘Make Yourself at Home’ is The Starting Line’s six-single, fully acoustic EP. In addition to new songs, the EP includes an acoustic version of ‘The Best of Me,’ originally from their full-length album, ‘Say It Like You Mean It.’
Most artists are unable to cut strictly acoustic tracks because the minimal nature of the songs leaves their vocal and musical abilities open, vulnerable and subject to extreme scrutiny.
This is advantageous, rather than hindering, to The Starting Line’s vocalist/bassist Kenny Vasoli. In fact the vulnerability caused by the minimal accompaniment only enhances the honesty of his lyrics and contributes to the sincerity of Vasoli’s already vulnerable here’s-my-heart-take-it-or-leave-it approach to writing and performing.
Guitar lovers won’t be disappointed