News in Brief

New UC President Dynes Begins Tour of California

Robert C. Dynes, who took over as UC President earlier this fall, is currently on an inaugural tour of the state which will allow Calfornians to meet and interact with their new president.
This will also allow Dynes to listen to concerns and expectations that people have for the UC.
On this tour, which will last through May, Dynes will hold a series of small regional and campus-based events throughout California.
Dynes will be in Irvine on April 1 or 2. Through this Tuesday, Dynes will be in Los Angeles. His visit there will coincide with a UC-sponsored town hall on the state budget.

Governor Proposes More UC Budget Cuts

In an attempt to solve the state’s budget crisis, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s administration recently proposed mid-year budget reductions for the UC system.
Reductions would include an unallocated reduction of $18.4 million from the UC budget, elimination of funding for K-12 outreach program and a $2.4 million reduction for UC labor institutions.
UC President Robert C. Dynes said last Tuesday that he is most concerned by the proposal to eliminate UC outreach programs.
All changes in the state budget would require approval by the state legislature.