The Force of Management

For those of us whose singing careers can only exist in the shower or in front of the hearing impaired, there are other jobs within the music industry ranging anywhere from merchandise guy to guitar tech, from tour manager to the actual manager of a band.
Managing a band is the job that requires the most responsibility. Essentially, the fate of the band is in the manager’s hands. They help the band shop for a record label, design the budgets and make sure that everyone is where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there, among numerous other things.
Ask the co-founder and owner of The Force Management, Randy Nichols will tell you that managing a band is a full-time job in which one must set aside his personal life in order to do whatever it takes to help an unknown, talented group of kids with guitars achieve their dreams of playing shows where the crowd knows the songs and sings along.
Nichols runs The Force Management out of his Long Island, New York home. Nichols manages emo-pop-punk powerhouse, The Starting Line, as well as up-and-coming Orange County indie rockers, Jamisonparker. Started in December of 2001, The Force was originally a collaboration between Nichols and the owners of Drive-Thru Records, Richard and Stephanie Reines. Eventually, it was amicably agreed that The Force ought to be run by Nichols independently.
Nichols’ involvement with the music industry began during his college days, when he booked noontime shows and on-campus concerts. From there he interned at record companies, management companies and radio stations. Nichols’ first experience managing a band stemmed from one of his jobs as a booking agent.
Nichols knows that managing a band is about staying up 52 hours straight if necessary. It’s about keeping everyone positive and motivated. It’s about taking someone in