‘Twas the Dawn after Thanksgiving

‘Twas dawn after Thanksgiving, when all through the mall,
Store managers were yelling, ‘Answer the call!’
The shoppers were crowded with their nose on the door;
Eager for the sale that would make them poor.

Women were dressed in their fall season best,
In tow with their boyfriends who desperately needed rest.
Fighting and bickering through the bins of clothes,
Yelling, ‘Let go of my scarf, you cheap ass hoe!’

Heads hanging low, boyfriends sat in wait,
Wishing they were home, watching Florida State.
Asking, ‘Why o’ why, must I be here?’
Girlfriends replying, ‘No, you can’t go into Victoria’s dear!’

The sales associates ran madly about,
Trying to avoid the customers’ shout,
‘Where’s my size? I need a five!’
The associate replying, ‘I just want to cry!’

Girlfriends turned to their men, eyes glowing bright,
While their boyfriends’ paycheck shivered in fright.
Opening their mouth while closing their purse,
Women everywhere whispered words worse than curse;

‘Now, Tiffanys! now, Louis! now, Gucci and Prada!
On, Diesel! on Burberry! on, Dior and Escada!
A bracelet! A necklace! A new diamond ring!
All I want for Christmas, is a lot of bling-bling!’

Back in the parking lot, o what a sight;
The shortage of parking spaces has caused a mass fight.
Mothers and fathers, blowing their lids;
What a wonderful example we set for our kids!

Christmas and Hannakah are all about presents!
Nothing’s more important than dollars and cents.
Get Aunt Gertrude yet another scented candle,
It doesn’t matter that our presence’s been idle.

When grandpa shows up with a new grand-mommy,
Nobody was shocked that she was as old as grandkid Tommy.
Newly packed with silicon fills,
She’s managed to take over grandpa’s will.

Oh! How we’ve manage to have forgotten,
The things that can make us downright rotten.
Gadgets and clothes and presents galore,
Why have we forgotten what we should live for?

That we should be so lucky to be on this Earth,
This great nation, and know what our freedom’s worth.
We fill our lives with needless necessity,
Told by the TV what should be the best of we.

Capitalism, consumerism, whatever they call it,
Just as long as you can open your wallet.
A kiss, a hug and a gesture of love,
Shouldn’t those be gifts we should be proud of?

The holiday season is often filled with haste,
Hell, 11 months of stress is what we’ve faced.
Bills and jobs and homeworks abound,
Making our daily smiles into frowns.

All we need, this holiday season to remember:
Keep on a smile when roaming in December.
Be courteous, be joyful, be grateful to be
Part of a common human race, so lucky to be free.