UAW Agrees to Strike This Week

The UAW Local 2865 released an announcement on Nov. 25 stating that the union that represents teaching and research assistants, tutors and graders in the University of California system unanimously voted to strike this week as a result of unfair labor practices by the UC.
Despite the one-day protest that took place last month on Oct. 3, the union leaders say the university has not provided a solution to the 64 unfair labor charges the UAW previously made against the UC.
‘We had a strong majority action on Oct. 3, and we returned to work with the expectation of an improvement in the university’s conduct at the table,’ said Rajan Mehta, a UAW Bargaining Team member from UC Berkeley. ‘However, the university appears unwilling to bargain fairly.’
In order to get the UC to negotiate the UAW felt that they had no choice but to strike right before finals, a time when students need teachers the most.
‘We are vital to the UC’s educational mission,’ said Chuong-Dai Vo, a UAW Bargaining Team member from UC San Diego. ‘We have tried repeatedly to get university negotiators to bargain in a productive, cooperative and lawful manner without success. That’s why we feel we have no alternative but to strike at this time