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Graduate School of Management Offers Minor in Accounting

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In response to the needs and wishes of UCI students, beginning this fall the Graduate School of Management will offer an undergraduate minor in accounting.
This new minor will prepare students to take the uniform C.P.A. examination. Previously, interested students had to take accounting courses at other universities in order to satisfy the necessary requirements to sit for the exam.
To satisfy minor requirements, students will have to complete a series of seven upper-division courses after admission into the program. Some of the courses that will be offered include Intermediate Accounting I and II, Individual Taxation, Corporate and Partnership Taxation, Auditing and Business Law.
‘The purpose [of the minor] is to let undergraduates at UCI have the opportunity to become professional accountants and to get the training needed to pass the C.P.A. exam,’ said Jone Pearce, professor and dean of the Graduate School of Management. ‘By making it into a formal minor, it makes it easier for people to get jobs in accounting firms because accounting firms are very aware of our minor. I know the local accounting firms are very, very interested in hiring our students.’
‘Accounting is a standard function in any business,’ said Denise Patrick, associate director of student affairs in the Graduate School of Management. ‘Some people will be interested in pursuing a career as a C.P.A., but there are also countless other opportunities to go into accounting, so the program is multi-faceted above and beyond simply pursuing the C.P.A. examination.’
Students who wish to minor in accounting must apply for admission into the program after completing four prerequisite courses. These include the introductory accounting series, Management 30A and 30B, formerly titled Management 1A and 1B, Mathematics 2A and Economics 20A.
Applications will be accepted on a quarterly basis starting this spring. Students may not minor in both accounting and management.
‘Because of budget cuts, we can only do one section of 80 students per year. We’re going to offer enough seats for over 300 students to take [Management] 30A and 30B each year, and of those 300, whatever number applies, we’ll take 80,’ Pearce said.
‘What we look at is overall grade point average in relation to their major, grade point average in the prerequisites, and the statement of purpose that students write as part of the application,’ Patrick said in explaining the guidelines for admission.
In addition to the current accounting faculty, the school will also be hiring three additional full-time lecturers to teach the new courses. Nancy Coster, who has previously taught here at UCI on a part-time basis, has already been hired.
Coster has previous teaching experience and has worked in a number of firms throughout her professional career as a C.P.A.
‘UCI is a great school and I am pleased to be a part of the faculty,’ Coster said. ‘From my experience to date, UCI students are both motivated and intellectually capable of succeeding in the field of accounting.’
‘She is an excellent instructor. Students think highly of her, and in terms of teaching effectiveness, she is good at what she does,’ Patrick added.
Carmen Wong is a second-year economics major.
‘Most students don’t know about [the minor],’ Wong said. ‘I think a lot of people will be interested in it because a lot of economics majors aim for business.’
Second-year economics major Melissa Chiu agrees.
‘I was excited,’ Chiu said. ‘I didn’t know that there would be more choices because I always thought UCI didn’t offer much for economics majors.’
In order to spread the word about this minor, the school will be offering informational sessions in every school on campus this quarter.
However, the school is already expecting many students to apply.
‘Getting into 30A and 30B will be key for students who want to get into this minor,’ Patrick said. ‘With so few students getting in, you want to make sure that you complete all your prerequisites so that your application is complete and you can put your best foot forward.’