Hopeful Resolution for a Brand New Year

The fireworks have faded and the champagne bottles have been emptied. Another year has gone but the resolutions have just begun. Some made personal resolutions of the timely favorite to ‘lose weight’ or to try and be a ‘better person.’ Whatever it may be, here’s our New Year’s resolution for UCI.
The biggest resolution we have for this campus is a high dose of school spirit. Either we are running low on it or have none at all.
Sure, the men’s basketball game against Stanford had a huge student turnout with a majority of the stands turning into a sea of gold.
Yet, two days earlier when the women’s basketball team played Pepperdine there was no such turnout. The Bren Events Center was calm during the women’s game. About 50 members, mostly families of the athletes, friends, CIA, people in the athletic department or fellow athletes. The students who did attend were minimal indeed.
It’s not fair that some sports get the attention of students and the bulk of others don’t. Something has to be done about our school spirit.
If you were an athlete, wouldn’t you want people coming and cheering for you?
The second resolution on our list is the distribution of student money.
Where does it all go? Or better yet, where doesn’t it go? Please help us believe that our student government is actually using our green on beneficial items for our undergraduates.
For now, since we have no clue as to what they spend it on, we have some ideas on what they can do with it.
They can help more clubs on campus in their various activities and when they are in need of dire help for a good cause. They can bring more bands and music groups to the Bren Events Center for their student body.
Last year we saw Jurassic 5 and Good Charlotte come to our neck of Orange County, but we want more!
It’s like getting your first fork-full of cheesecake and not being able to eat the rest.
Next, closely related resolution, is a better student government.
Is it possible for someone to whisper into one of our main officer’s ear and tell ‘her’ to please act like she gives a care about every student organization on campus?
Good leaders are poised, respectful, and care about their fellow citizens, or in this case undergraduates. They don’t have to be all of the above, but come on! We can tell if you’re the cream of the crop in your position or the bitter part of it.
The last resolution on our list is for no more student fee increases. Enough is enough! Yes, California is in a budget crisis, nevertheless we did just elect a new governor and we recall him saying he was a big supporter of student education and stopping fee increases. But alas, our precious money is still depleting from our accounts. All political promises are turning out unfulfilled.
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is said to be mapping out a proposal of fee increases to UC undergraduates and graduates alike. Another 10 percent increase for undergraduates and an estimated 40 percent to graduate students.
Soon, Governor Schwarzenegger will have his new budget out and we will see the real numbers that will hurt us even more in the coming quarters. Non-resident students, who pay almost $20,000 in tuition a year will perhaps see an increase of 20 percent more in this latest budget.
So we hope these New Year resolutions will bring some much needed light onto these topics. The year has just begun, but already we have a plateful to deal with or hope for.

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