Hyter Provides Personalized Touch

Do you have an abnormally small head? Perhaps you happen to have an unusually large waist?
It is difficult for many of us to find perfectly fitting accessories such as hats and belts because most clothing companies pre-manufacture all their products for the general public.
There are alternatives, however. At www.hydehandcrafted.com, customers can order beanies, belts and scarves, specifically made for their measurements.
‘Everything is made by yarn and crochet, made to your specifications, including measurement, styles, colors,’ said Web Site creator Brian Hyter, who personally makes all the orders by hand.
Brian Hyter learned how to crochet these accessories from his mother and created the Web site as a side project about three years ago while living in Philadelphia.
One of the products available on the site are beanies. First, one of nine different styles is chosen and one of 62 available colors is selected. Then the specific measurements are given to make a beanie that fits your head perfectly.
‘The beanies are made for your exact size so if someone with a bigger head wears it, he’ll stretch it out and you won’t be able to wear it anymore,’ Hyter said.
Scarves and belts can also be found on the Web site. The scarves come in two styles: a thin, long scarf, or a shorter, thicker one. These come in 49 different colors and can make a great gift for a friend or family member.
In addition, the belts are unique in that the buckles are made of hand-blown glass and are also made to your personal measurements. Much of the site is also under construction.
Soon, hand-knit purses and more seasonal products like bikinis will be available.
Hyter estimates that the purses will be available by next month and the bikinis will be available before summer.
Although some may feel the prices are too high, students should keep in mind that each product is handmade to order and made especially for them, not mass-produced. Therefore, each product is unique and customers can be confident that no one has the same exact product that they have.
‘It’s good fashion wear