Friday, June 5, 2020
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What’s New in the World of Science and Technology

Nicholas Frank, an escapee of communist Hungary and founder of the Synergistic Transformation Institute, believes that the human race’s wild consumption of irreplaceable resources, which provide us with energy, has put us on a precarious path towards planetary destruction.
During week 10 of fall quarter, Frank visited UCI to share his theory with students on Ring Road. He will be back on January 15 and 16 with his son, Devin, who helped him develop this theory. The two have spent the past several months travelling up and down the coast and speaking at various institutions.
Frank maintains that the only way to derail the Earth’s population from its self-destructive path is conservation, as he believes that science will fail to discover a way to tap renewable resources before our nonrenewable resources run out.
Frank also believes that the most vital nonrenewable resource is oil.
‘Replacing cheap oil with renewable energy at a similar price at this time is merely wishful thinking. The science and technology to achieve that is not yet available,’ Frank said.
In other words, Frank maintains that scientific ventures that attempt to tap renewable energy like solar energy or wind energy are pipe dreams.
‘Nature harvested and compressed solar energy into oil and natural gas over millions of years. It is not possible for us to replace that compacted energy from real time solar energy income at a compatible price,’ Frank said.
Frank believes that if we in the United States adopt Synergistic Living, or Frank’s system of living that proposes a radical reduction of energy consumption while maintaining free enterprise and democracy, we will truncate the world’s energy shortage problems.
Although there is no blueprint for a synergistic community, Frank holds a plethora of ideas regarding what such a community would consist of.
For example, instead of living in a sprawling suburb where gasoline for transportation is a necessity, Frank suggests that we live in high-rise homes in synergetic villages