Girl Down

Do you remember Tootsie Pops? How it’s hard outside and then, right when you get to the middle, you hit the soft and sweet inside?
Well, a Tootsie Pop is the perfect analogy for an up-and-coming Irvine-born band, Girl Down. Comprised of fourth-year drama major, vocalist/guitarist Glynn Montemayor, fourth-year (need major) vocalist/guitarist Jesse James Soriano, and full-time worker, drummer Dean Lindstrom III, Girl Down has quite an eclectic line-up.
With hard guitar sequences and catchy beats mixed with soft yet occasionally rough vocals, Girl Down is the band you want to look out for this winter.
Sure, misconception can lead you to think ‘Girl Down, why, this must be an anti-feminist band,’ or ‘This has got to be another girl band!’ But let’s get the record straight once and for all.
‘One day while at practice, Glynn and Dean proposed that we take our song ‘The Girl Down Stairs’ and cut off ‘the’ and ‘stairs,’ thereby keeping the remaining words ‘girl down,” Soriano said. ‘The name Girl Down is not meant to degrade women in any way.’
And a work of creativity it is. Well I’m quite relieved, are you?
Now picture this. Imagine yourself nicely tucked in bed after hours of studying, warm and toasty in your apartment, dorm room or house. While you’re sleeping, outside in the cold winter night, Girl Down is perfecting their music, jamming as their fingers dig into their chords and their lyrics screech from the back of their throats.
Yes, you think you know, but you have no idea.
This is absolute head-bumping, guitar-drilling, surging feedback, silky smooth harmony, drum stick-twirling, take-your-friend-away-from-the-tube and stop studying kind of music. With three different personalities, musical backgrounds and musical interests, it’s hard to deny that this band is unique.
It is ironic that the differences are what bring this band together. It is a mix of influences yet a common love for music. Weezer, Nirvana, Metallica, Santana and even Tupac are some of the main influences of Girl Down, just to name a few.
‘I like a lot of different bands like Weezer and Nirvana, and Dean likes Metallica, much harder stuff and [Soriano]. [Soriano’s] just a guitarist. He writes great music,’ Montemayor said.
Laughing, Soriano explained how Tupac has been extremely influential.
‘Lyrically, he’s a big influence. I mean we both came from the ghetto, he’s been shot, I’ve been shot … whatever,’ Soriano said.
And adding all these different influences together, what kind of music do you get? Back to square one