Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Governor Proposes Major Cuts for UC

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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a $372 million cut in funding to the University of California which will result in dramatic fee increases for students and cuts in educational funding.
In addition to a 10 percent undergraduate tuition increase of $498, a 40 percent graduate tuition increase of $2,088 and a 20 percent increase in student fees for non-residents of $2,744, deep cuts are slated for financial aid, faculty spending and the limiting of freshman enrollment.
In spite of the cuts, the governor has promised to give UC Merced a one-time supplemental fund of $10 million in addition to $10 million in permanent funding to help the campus meet its startup costs as the campus prepares to open in fall 2005.
‘I can’t express anything but disappointment at these cuts, and their impact on student access,’ said Manuel Gomez, vice chancellor of student affairs. ‘We have to sustain the quality and core of the university with regard to instruction