Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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New Research Center Promotes Diversity Among Minorities

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Tremendous growth describes the newly named School of Information and Computer Science.
The school was proud to launch a brand new resource center in December, aimed to promote diversity in information technology.
Although the $20 million anonymous donation made in December to the School of ICS will not be used towards the center, an initial gift from Microsoft and UCI seed funding totaling $70,000 will fund the project for the next three years.
The Ada Byron Research Center, named after Augusta Ada Byron, the first female computer programmer, will carry on Byron’s belief of the ‘universality’ of computing.
Byron predicted that computers would be useful tools in composing music, graphic design and scientific use.
According to Dean of ICS Debra Richardson, the center is designed to attract diverse groups of people to technology and also to study why these groups are not currently involved.
‘There has been much work done by various organizations on reaching out to underrepresented groups