Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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U-Pass Kickoff Event to Promote Free Bus Access
On Jan. 22, the UCI Alternative Parking Transportation Program will host a kickoff event on Ring Mall to promote the U-Pass program which will allow UCI students, faculty and staff unlimited free access to OCTA busses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while riding specificed bus routes.
Those eligible for a U-Pass must visit the Parking and Transportation Office or UC Items to get a U-Pass expiration date encoded in their UCI photo ID.
Employees and graduate students who ride the bus and do not purchase parking permits will be eligible to receive Alternative Transportation incentives.
Youth Receives A Huge Donation for Heart Surgery
Thousands of UCI students along with police and firefighters from Orange County helped support Jeremy Wilfer, a young boy who needed resources to travel to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for heart surgery in 2001.
The Kids Helping Kids Program, with the help of local news publications, raised approximately $45,000 which included a single $18,000 gift and a donated jet, fuel, pilot and escort to the Mayo Clinic.
Program founder Julie Hadash, Fire Captain Steve McHale and a large group of students were also invited to the Dr. Laura television show as guests for a show on how to teach moral values in children.