The Pale: Touring Rockers With Day Jobs

Four average guys from Bellingham, Wash. are not just kicking off their first national tour in 2004. They’re also holding down their day jobs.
As a band that has messed around in the recording studio and played local gigs since 1994, The Pale is now starting to get serious, releasing their debut album with Southern California label SideCho Records on Jan. 13 entitled, ‘Gravity Gets Things Done.’
The Pale’s co-founder and lead singer Gabe Archer claims that while the band has existed and recorded for several years, becoming musicians was never something that The Pale’s members necessarily envisioned as a career.
‘With the first [CD], it was exciting. It was small little shows we were playing, but that was enough. We had a good time, and I think that’s all we really wanted out of it,’ Archer said. ‘The second one, we pushed a little harder, but I think we’re still learning a lot about how the big machine of the music industry works. We got a little shut out, but it was all right. We all had day jobs. We still have all our day jobs! I think the success that we saw was about as much as we were putting into it at that time.’
It’s beginning to look like The Pale wants to put in a little bit more, and Archer, guitarist Cameron Nicklaus, drummer Greg Swinehart and bassist Lance Fisher are out to prove it with a national tour that kicked off Jan. 15, just two days after the national release of ‘Gravity.’
‘We’ll be heading through places for the first time and letting people know what we’re up to,’ Archer said. ‘I think it’ll be really fun and then we’ll look forward to going through again with people having seen us once before. It’s an amazing opportunity. We all feel really lucky to be able to do this.’
Orange County should feel lucky too, since The Pale will perform at Chain Reaction in Anaheim on Jan. 24, joined by equally respectable rock groups on the right track.
‘We’re touring with cool bands