There’s No Excuse for Being Tacky

Some girls wear way too much makeup.
I mean, okay, having had horrible breakouts myself in high school, I can sympathize with those who mistakenly believe that caking on the concealer and foundation is going to solve anything.
Some girls are just trying to deal with their insecurity issues, I guess.
But some of it really isn’t necessary: too-bright or too-dark eye shadow, that failed attempt at Cleopatra-like eyelids with elaborately drawn-on eyeliner, tarantula eyelashes (thanks to mascara gone overboard), brown lip liner, bright pink lipstick. And at the gym or to an 8 a.m. class, of all places.
And being the hater that I am, I can’t help but shake my head and wonder what would possess these girls to let themselves look so tastelessly high-maintenance.
Well, after wondering about it enough, I’ve decided that there are a few legitimate excuses for a girl to wear too much makeup (and none of them involve making her prettier, because there’s no way that overloading on makeup can do that to a girl). Here they are:
It gives her personality. Hey, maybe she didn’t have much of one before, but strikingly tacky style always gets attention (It seems to work for Christina Aguilera, anyway). Wearing too much makeup is, in a way, like adding an attribute to yourself. People can refer to you as ‘that one girl,’ or they can refer to you as ‘that one girl who wears too much makeup.’
At least, for the latter, you would know that they noticed and, more importantly, remembered something about you, right?
All her friends are too scared to tell her the truth. Hey, it takes balls to offer anyone constructive criticism. Especially when it involves confrontation with a friend about something that could really embarrass her and hurt her feelings.
That could mean having to deal with her crying to you about it (great), or her cussing you out and