Coheed and Cambria: Complex Rock

Rewriting the Bible with a sci-fi twist has never been so melodic.
The beams that bind the planets together are falling apart and our hero Coheed must meet Cambria in order to fix this system called the Keywork. But something is amiss and a dragonfly-like creature is implanted in Coheed’s heart. It injects a serum that awakens the Mon-Star, which gives Coheed the power to save or destroy the universe.
Just like their music, the story behind Coheed and Cambria is multifaceted and complex, which makes them one of the most original and confusing bands to listen to.
From upbeat, hand-clapping songs to what drummer Josh Eppard hesitantly describes as sounding ‘almost more of like a 70s kind of rock’, from characters including a dog named Apollo to a serial killer racist named Al, there is definitely nothing garden-variety about the New York rock band Coheed and Cambria.
Formerly known as Shab