Monday, March 8, 2021
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FVC Displays Alli’s Artistic Work

Instead of your average Hollywood flick bound to become a blockbuster hit, the UCI Film and Video Center screens a new independent and underground film every Thursday night in the Humanities Instructional Building, room 100.
Writer/Director Antero Alli was present at the Jan. 22 screening of his latest underground film, ‘Under a Shipwrecked Moon,’ as well as Sylvi Alli who collaborated with Antero and composed and oversaw much of the soundtrack. Sylvi also played the role of the shaman woman in the film, to whom all the characters trace a relation to.
The film tells the story of an elderly Finnish man’s journey. Family secrets are revealed as his grandson, ‘a self-made shamanic punk rocker’ named Jari, enters the dreams of his Finnish grandfather who has slipped into a comatose state.
Jari fights with bizarre images while in his drug-induced state. What he doesn’t realize is that his visions are really a part of a shamanistic force inherently rooted in his genes. Dream sequences are prevalent throughout the film and contribute to the understanding of the film.
‘[This is a] surrealistic fable of true love, giant hedgehogs and the mystical depths of family bonds,’ explains Phil Hall from in his film synopsis on the FVC official Web site.
Just before the film started, writer/director Alli gave a short introduction and explanation for the audience to toil over while watching.
‘I’m not going to say too much here now, so I just want you to watch the movie, see what you think,’ Alli said.
The film was largely based on a thematic word, ‘sisu.’ It was a mysterious word that was frequently used, yet none of the Finnish characters were able to adequately describe its English translation.
‘It is the phonetic perseverance in the face of impossible odds,’ said the character of Jari’s mother when trying to describe this word in the film. It plays a definite part in representing the thematic elements running rampant throughout the film.
Once the film ended, there was a Q-and-A. Alli held a period of silence, almost as if reflecting on the experience of seeing his own film for the first time