Sports Bras: No Snaps, No Frills and No Push-ups About It

Bras. They are so constricting and they never seem to be adjusted correctly. Plus, you have to reach behind and put the two clasps together. Oh gosh, and don’t get me started on those wires that you can’t help but adjust when your shirt is on. That’s why I prefer, SPORTS BRAS.
They’re so breathable! No adjusting or fixing is needed. They do the job in a ‘snap.’ They are not showy, but simple, compared to regular bras that have built-in push-ups to help you catch the eye of your boyfriend or admirer. Sports bras keep your small or big chest safe and guarantee that nothing will find its way out. Plus, they do not ask for attention, unlike its counterpart. That’s what makes them so great.
Their elasticity enables us to do our everyday workouts, flips, runs and soccer games without worrying about where our boobs went last. This tight but flexible fit is hassle-free with its one-piece fit. No need to worry about lifting up your strapless bra or bringing back up your straps because this bra has it all rolled up in one.
A navy blue one was my first. It felt so good and held me together in ways that made me feel more comfortable than an ordinary bra from Mervyn’s or a frilly one from Victoria’s Secret.
On Mondays, I would take it out of the dryer and stuff it into my blue Adidas bag on my way to school. It would stay sleeping until sixth period when it was time to head over to the girls’ locker room and change.
‘Pop’ went my lock and in went my backpack. I undid the white zipper and searched for it. Out went the everyday bras and in went the others. I suited up while my team and I chatted. With my shoes laced up tight, my foot slammed the metal locker shut and I put the lock back on. Off I went to practice.
After we warmed up and the heat started to get to me, I made my short sleeves even shorter by pushing them into the straps of my sports bra.
I didn’t bother to take it off when we got back to the locker room. I just grabbed my school clothes and headed home. Home is three minutes away and a shower is even further as I snacked on food. Finally it’s time to take it off, as I noticed the usual dark section of sweat that formed in the middle of my bra.
The thing you have to love about a sports bra is that you can freely wear one on a hot summer’s day without a shirt on. Or during colder days, it can hide under your shirt.
Soon I had patterned ones and solid-colored ones and tank-top ones. When I got a new one and wore it for the first time, it was like wearing a new dress. I had to wear it the first chance I got.
‘Put something on, your dad’s downstairs,’ my mom would say. ‘I don’t care,’ I would respond, and down the stairs I went. In a simple equation, sports bras equal T-shirts on hot summer days. I mean, does he really care? I look covered up to me.
Now I’m experiencing my life after sports and that has translated into wearing sports bras WHENEVER I feel like it. That means any day is fair game. I need to get up for class, I say to myself. So I decide to wake up. It’s time to pick something to wear. Today, I’m feeling a casual and comfy day coming on.
I hit the bottom drawer hard with my palm. There’s too much stuff crammed into it. It’s my way of loosing things up in there. Now I pull it out of my antique chest of drawers. The drawer slides out, awkwardly, as if this decades-old chest does not know the reason for a 20-year-old owning so many clothes.
Here it is, my favorite and first sports bra. Just like brand new. I put it on and it gives me a tight hug as it squeezes my upper body. My long-sleeve shirt is next to go on. I notice that I can see some of my sports bra out of my shirt. Does that look okay? I think. Oh, what the heck, and I tuck it back under my shirt. Voila, I’m good to go.
Sports bras are pretty versatile. It never was a fad or trend, but has remained a constant symbol in female athlete’s clothing.
It is said that after some athletes retire from their professional sport or maybe just their career in sports, that they frame their jersey or bat, dip their shoe in gold, or even mount balls. I wonder if someday, sports bras will face the same destiny or still be buried under clothes that were worn years ago.