Romeo & Juliet With a Beat-Box Twist

Just when you thought there could be no other possible ways to remake the classic story of Romeo and Juliet, director Cliff Faulkner, musical director Dennis Castellano and a collection of talented designers and choreographers have transformed this familiar Shakespearian tale of two tragic lovers into something completely unexpected and absolutely spectacular.
Imagine entering the theater through the backstage door and being ushered onto what seems to be the stage itself. This play’s entire production took place on the main stage of the Claire Trevor Theatre with the audience sitting snuggly onstage as well.
The set exposed only Juliet’s balcony and a platform that converted into a bed. The rest of the set was left to the imagination. The colors of the sets were sharply contrasting and fresh.
The orchestra was situated directly across from the balcony on a platform with stairs. Since the audience was positioned literally a couple of feet from the actors, one could feel, smell and even taste the emotions that the actors conveyed.
Because of this, the fight scenes were especially intense