‘Skeleton’ is B-movie Splendor

‘The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra’ spoofs the best of the B-movies and of course is in black and white. It reminds moviegoers of the past and pokes fun at the days of ‘Leave it to Beaver.’ The movie was shot on location in Bronson Canyon and Lake Arrowhead, Calif., produced by F. Miguel Valenti and written and directed by Larry Blamire. The film will hit theaters on Feb. 6.
In addition to writing and directing the film, Blamire stars in the film as the main character and is a great artist. Some of his stage roles include parts in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,’ ‘Buried Child,’ and ‘Boom Boom Room.’ His screenplays include ‘In the Noonday Sun’ and ‘In the Nations.’ Outside of this artistic world he is a happily married man who has a son that helps in some of his projects.
The synopsis: The film is set in the early 60s and Dr. Paul Armstrong (Blamire) and his homely wife Betty (Fay Masterson) head into a mountatinous area in order to research a rare element called atmosphereum. Dr. Armstrong needs this atmosphereum to help him with his scientific research while Betty enjoys vacation time. On that very same mountain, Dr. Roger Fleming (Brian Howe) asks good old Ranger Brad (Dan Conroy) the whereabouts of the Cadavra Cave, which is rumored to be the home of the ‘lost skeleton.’ Later that night, both parties witness what appears to be another meteor falling from the sky while a local farmer is killed by a ‘thing.’ One can only wonder if there is a connection between the two. And if there is, danger can only soon follow.
Cue the second meteor, which is actually the crash landing of
an alien ship desperately in need of atmosphereum in order to
get off the planet. Naturally, while on earth, the alien’s pet
mutant escapes from its cage. The crux of the plot requires
stopping the skeleton, mutant alien pet and evil scientist