‘Le Mentale’ Examines Living Life By a Code

Manuel Boursinhac’s second feature-length film, ‘Le Mentale’ (The Code) embodies the underworld of European suburban gangsters who live their lives according to a code that encompasses family, friendship and the pledge to protection.
Dris (Samuel Le Bihan) has just spent the last four years in prison. Now that he’s out, he wants nothing more than a quiet life with his wife, Lise (Marie Guillard), and raise a family, but he has lived a somewhat inescapable past. Yanis (Samy Naceri), his brother in a lifetime of crime who now runs the streets, offers Dris another chance at the past. It’s hard to break the bonds of familiar friendships and while Yanis wants nothing more than to have him back working with the family, Dris wants to continue his life anew. His fresh life rides on the outcomes of his actions