Addicted to Simple Plan

Release a few hit singles, tour around the world to play shows for thousands of screaming fans and all of a sudden things aren’t so simple any more.
Over the course of a year, five guys from Montreal, Canada, have found themselves on a complex and multi-faceted adventure. Lead vocalist Pierre Bouvier, drummer Chuck Comeau, guitarist Jeff Stinco, bassist David Desrosiers and guitarist Sebastien Lefebure make up the pop-punk powerhouse that is Simple Plan.
As Simple Plan’s popularity has increased, there’s been an increase in fans who’ve become addicted to their music. Currently playing sold-out shows while on tour with MXPX and Sugarcult, Simple Plan will be in the Southern California area this weekend with a show at the House of Blues in Anaheim on Feb. 21 and at the Palladium in Hollywood on Feb. 22.
Their album, ‘No Pads, No Helmets … Just Balls’ was their debut album with Lava Records released in 2002. It wasn’t until about a year after the record’s release that Simple Plan began to garner serious attention.
Need proof? Take a look at their DVD, ‘A Big Package for You’ released in November of 2003. The DVD is essentially a home video that details the evolution of a plan that started out simple, but ended up anything but that. For instance, they did their first real tour in the Bouvier family’s RV with Bouvier’s dad as their driver. Later on, as evidence of Simple Plan’s increased success, they graduated to a fancy tour bus.
‘We’ve had a great time and that DVD is obviously the best moments of our life on the road,’ Stinco said. ‘There are moments that are a little lower