He Said, She Said, What We Really Want

She Said:
Whether you’re ‘making love’ or having sex, girls experience a wide range of thoughts. If it’s good, she’ll just shut off her brain and bask in the intense pleasures and glories of sex. But for those who still don’t know how to do the horizontal polka, here’s what girls think.
First of all, yes guys, sorry to say this but girls do look down. And girls do make a mental note of what they see. After fighting off the irresistible urge to giggle and think it looks cute (or for you lucky ones, to be in awe), our first thoughts are of course ‘I wonder how good he is with that thing,’ and ‘I wonder how long this is going to last.’
When he’s right there about to make his entrance, some of the things that cross our minds are: Is he wearing a condom? Please don’t let it hurt and (if you’re still at that critical dating stage) is he going to call me back?
After guiding him to the right spot, because whether guys will admit it or not, if they can’t see it, they can’t quite find exactly where they’re supposed to go.
If the sex sucks and we really aren’t feeling it, we’ll constantly be thinking ‘please let it be over already.’ And yes, girls will fake it because if we fake like we’re enjoying it, the hope is he’ll get turned on and can cum so it can all be over.
Plus if he gets off, we won’t have to face the dreaded bj. Sucking on a guy’s member is not like eating a popsicle. It doesn’t taste good and we don’t like that kind of cr