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Sports Medicine Club

Category: Academic

Contact: Doug Quon


Member count: 30

Purpose: To get students who are interested in the vast field of sports medicine more involved with the field and offer them a hands-on experience.
Students can participate in an internship which will
help them explore the different aspects of orthopedics, athletic training, physical therapy, and much more..

Meetings: The Sports Medicine club meets every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Carlos Prietto Sports Medicine Center, and takes place right after the introductory sports medicine class. The first meeting was the first Wednesday of the quarter.

Why join this club?

‘I believe people should join because of the great opportunity that this club provides for certain students that have passion for this field,’ said Doug Quon, the vice-president of the Sports Medicine club.
‘It will also help students decide or help them find a career path which they enjoy, and if they don’t like it, then at least they know now.’

What are your goals for the club?

‘The goals are two fold,’ Quon said. ‘One, to better your own education in the general field of sports medicine (injury prevention, mechanism, rehabilitation, risk factors, etc.) and to help our athletic training staff to better improve the quality of our athletes health.’

Quon then continued to explain the types of people who might be interested in joining the club.
‘We are looking for dedicated people that enjoy the hands-on experience.’