Confession: Lohan is a Teenage Drama Queen

High school might have been torture for a lot of people. Especi-ally if the richest, prettiest and most popular girl in school decided to make it her number one priority to ruin your life. But what would high school be without all the drama and life-shattering embarrassments, right? For Mary ‘Lola’ Cep (Lindsay Lohan), the drama-filled life of a high school kid is just the beginning.
The title, ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,’ basically sums up both the film and the main character’s life. Mary is forced to move out of her beloved New York City to the quiet and dreary suburbs of Dellwood, N.J. In doing so, she causes a stir in her new home by getting on the bad side of the most popular girl in school (Megan Fox), and sticking out like a sore thumb. The competition gets fierce between Fox and Mary, when Mary’s favorite band Sidarthur breaks up and Fox is invited to their last concert and after party. Mary and her best friend decide to sneak off to New York City to crash the concert and party, after which, of course, they lose all their money, help out a drunk rock star, end up in jail and eventually embarrass Fox in front of everyone.
While the plot seemed overly dramatic and way too complicated, the purposely-added drama was what the film was all about. Oftentimes it was so dramatic that Lohan’s exaggerated dialogue and theatrical swoons seemed ridiculous for even a preteen soap opera. However, it was the drama that made the film so corny that it ended up being funny. And of course, it is high school, where drama queens reign and every boy one encounters is the love of your life.
So the last thing expected out of a teen-oriented movie is something substantial and deep. With this in mind, the film’s poppy, light-hearted tone and visuals reminiscent of the Candyland board game make it perfect for preteens or people just looking for a cute and fun movie.
And while the whole ‘the popular girl hates me’ plot is somewhat clich