‘EuroTrip’ Is Raunchy Comedy at Its Best

If you’re looking for a movie that includes everything and anything tasteless all rolled into one, then ‘EuroTrip’ is the movie for you. From the producers of ‘Old School’ and ‘Road Trip,’ this comedy, and I mean comedy, can be described as nothing short of raunchy.
The film stars Scott Mechlowicz as Scotty, who decides to embark on a journey to Europe after his girlfriend, Fiona (Kristin Kreuk) decides to dump him on graduation day. Having led a very ordinary life in Ohio, Scotty makes plans to go to Berlin to find his Internet sweetheart. He’s accompanied by his best friend Cooper, played by Jacob Pitts, who gave up his summer law internship to live out his one and only mission of having ‘crazy European sex.’ But since Scotty and Cooper keep getting side-tracked and end up going to every city except Berlin, they call their friends who had left on an earlier flight to Europe. Twin brother and sister, Jenny and Jamie, (played by Michelle Trachtenberg and Travis Wester), actually went to Europe for the sole purpose of sightseeing. But little did they know that once the four of them got together, they’d be doing almost anything but going by Jamie’s European guide book.
They experience everything from the psychotic tendencies of European soccer fans, to outshining a Frenchman who’s trying to collect money, to fighting off a horny Italian on the train.
Although filmed in Prague, the four friends travel through London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and even Bratislava, where there is plenty of nudity, alcohol, drugs and wait