News in Brief

Annual E-Week Highlights the Engineering School
Beginning Feb. 23 the Engineering Student Council will be hosting its 31st annual E-week.
Kick-off will include opening ceremonies and a pancake breakfast cooked by various engineering faculty.
Some activities during the week are a popsicle-stick bridge competition, an egg drop competition, a Rube Goldberg competition where students create a complex contraption to perform a simple task and a catapult competition to design a device to toss a beanbag as far as possible.
In addition, more than 20 companies will participate in a career fair Feb. 25 as well as sponsor various activities during E-Week.
UCI Virologists Receive $3 Million to Study Bacteria
UCI researchers Luis Villarreal and Philip Felgner have been awarded $3 million by the National Institute of Health to study proteins from a highly infectious bacteria.
The bacteria has been thought to be a potential agent that could be used in biological warfare if distributed in aerosol form.
As a biological warfare agent, it has been estimated that 50 kilograms of the bacteria distributed by air over a population of 2.5 million people would result in 19,000 deaths.
The novel approach being applied in Felgner’s laboratory is to synthesize and purify each of the 2,000 individual proteins that make up the bacteria.